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SCOTT Air Pak's Have Arrived

The officers and members of the Blue Ridge Mountain Volunteer Fire Company would like to give a tremendous THANK YOU to the Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Company of Washington County, Maryland.  Through their generosity, we received seventeen (17) complete SCOTT Air Pak's, twenty-seven (27) spare cylinders and sixty-five (65) face pieces at no cost to our department.


After our personnel conduct training on these new to us Air Pak's, they will be placed on all front line apparatus and the current Drager Air Pak's will be removed from service.  This allows us to be more in-line with the other departments in the county that use SCOTT Air Pak's as well.  

This will create interoperability with our mutual-aid departments when operating on incident scenes and allows us to provide enough face pieces for all the front line apparatus.  In the current COVID-19 environment this also allows us to provide each responding member of our department with their own personal issued facepiece for their personal protection.





























































































































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