National Weather Service Alerts for Harper's Ferry, WV





Saturday, July 11, 2020, Company 5 was alerted on Box 400 for the structure fire at 191 Augustine Ave. in Charles Town.  Utility 4 responded immediately after dispatch and was advised by Jefferson ECC that they were receiving reports of smoke coming from the top of the building and the rear of the structure was on fire.

Lieutenant 6 (Breeden) from Middleway Vol. Fire Company arrived on the scene and reported smoke showing from the eaves of the structure.  With Lieutenant 6's report to the ECC, Utility 4 immediately requested the second alarm to be dispatched.  Rescue-Engine 5 with ALS 5 (Lyons) responded on the initial alarm.  Upon the arrival of Rescue-Engine 5 at the scene, they staged on the alpha / delta side of the structure.

Rescue / Engine 5-2 responded on the 2nd alarm dispatch with a crew of two (2) and upon their arrival, the crew was assigned as part of the RIT team.  Crews made an aggressive attack on the fire and was able to keep damage to the charlie side of the structure.  Crews believed the fire started from an individual leaving a lit cigarette on railing near the structure.

Command held the units on the scene for a short period for overhaul operations.




On Sunday, July 5, 2020, Company 5 was alert for the structure fire on Turnberry Drive in Locust Hills at approximately 00:23 hrs.  

Rescue / Engine 5-2 responded from the Keyes Gap Road station with a crew of two (2) personnel.  Jefferson ECC advised units that the occupant reported a fire in the garage and they were evacuating the structure.  First arriving units found a working fire and initiated an attack with hand lines.

Rescue / Engine 5-2's crew assisted initial arriving crews with extinguishing the fire and overhaul of the structure. 




On Saturday, June 13, 2020, Company 5 was alerted for a motorcycle crash on Cedar Run Lane at Mopar Lane in the Harpers Ferry Campsites off of Keyes Gap Road.  Chief 5 (Cogle) responded immediately after dispatch along with Rescue-Engine 5-2 with Asst. Chief 5 (Royce), Rescue-Engine 5 and Ambulance 5-1 and ALS 5 (Lyons).

Enroute to the scene units were advised of two male patients with injuries sustained from colliding together while doing wheelies on dirt bikes.  Crews arrived on the scene and confirmed that both patients were injured and air medical transport was requested to the scene.  Rescue-Engine 5 was diverted to the pond parking area on Keyes Gap Road to establish a landing zone for Air Care 3.

Both patients were packaged for transport.  Ambulance 1 (Friendship) transported one patient to Jefferson Medical Center while the second patient was flown by Air Care 3 to Fairfax Inova Medical Center.  



















































































































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