Wildland Fire Crew

The Blue Ridge Mountain Vol. Fire Company's Wildland Fire Crew is comprised solely of dedicated volunteers of the fire company that are available to respond to brush, field, woods, mountain or other wildland type fire incidents.  "WILDLAND 5" responds out of the Keyes Gap Road fire house and can be dispatched to local (in county) and to other (out of county) incidents.

WILDLAND 5 has a vast array of wildland firefighting equipment.  This equipment is carried on a trailer similar to the one pictured below.  This trailer is pulled by a utility vehicle that carries personnel our to the scene.  

Along with personnel from the BRMVFC, personnel from Washington County, Maryland Station 8 (Rohrersville) are also dispatched with "WILDLAND 8" when our crew is alerted to an incident.  This ensures that a proper number of widlland certified personnel are available to respond to the incident.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the BRMVFC Wildland Fire Crew please contact one of the team members below for information or click on the Wildland Fire Crew application or send us an email.




Supervisor:  Earl Cogle  (Type II Firefighter)     

Crew Leader:  Warren Royce  (Type II Firefighter)     

Crew Leader:  Rusty Dignazio  (Type II Firefighter) 

Crew Leader:  Tiffany Long (Type II Firefighter)

Safety Officer:  Justin Breeden (Type II Firefighter)


Wildland Crew Personnel:     

John Borelli (Type II Firefighter)

Thomas Brenneman (Type II Firefighter)

Jason Cogle - Lang (Type II Firefighter)

Preston Deener (Type II Firefighter)   

Lloyd Dignazio Sr. (Type II Firefighter)

Timothy Lerendu (Type II Firefighter)     

Terry Ott (Type II Firefighter)

David (DJ) Rodriguez (Type II Firefighter / EMT)

Megan Rodriguez (Type II Firefighter / EMT)

Cody Royce (Type II Firefighter)  

Nicholas Wright (Type II Firefighter)   




Email us at wildland@brmvfc5mountainpride.com


To see a detailed listing of the equipment that is carried on WILDLAND 5 click the highlighted section below






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