Canteen / Rehab Unit


2002 Ford E-350 / Horton

Ex. Ambulance 5-1 / Converted for Incident Scene Rehabilitation


Rehab 5 will be a specialized asset that may be requested to support a variety of incident types within not only Jefferson County, but to our mutual-aid response areas as well.  These incidents may include, but are not limited to, structure fires, hazardous materials (Haz-Mat) incidents, mass casualty incidents, medical rehabilitation on large scale incidents, alternate care site support, medical surge events, or as a medical treatment area for a large scale planned event.   The purpose of this unit is to be dispatched to every significant long-duration incident, on all structure fires and whenever requested by an incident commander.

The Rehab Unit’s functions are to provide shelter, basic rehabilitation and canteen services to the members of the Fire & EMS departments during working incidents and / or incidents during extreme weather conditions.


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